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We are gamers and a team of veterans and pioneers of the gaming industry with great expertise in Production, Product Management, Marketing/PR, User Acquisition, Community Management and Monetization.

We are an independent Digital Only Publisher for PC and console with a focus on Western territories. We love games with a twist.

We assist developers during all production processes, starting from the initial concept phase through launch and live phase. As a member of the developer family of remote control productions, we know the needs of developers and assist at all production steps.

The Three Pillars

Pillar #1


We are looking for mid-core to core games or something very special in the casual market. It is in these markets upon which our expertise is founded on and where we can provide significant input to product optimization. We love to optimize your game.

Pillar #2


We offer individual deals and not the one standard deal that fits it all. We can co-publish your title in certain countries with you together. Even a cooperation based on certain aspects of our capabilities is possible. Every game needs its own arrangement.

Pillar #3


We are part of a developer family and know the needs of developers first hand. When working together with us you are guaranteed to get our full support regarding all fields of game development and publishing.