Games in Flames receives Funding to Develop Prototype of “Bavariaville”

By | November 25, 2013


O’zapft is!
Twice a year the the FFF Film and TV fund in Bavaria selects projects in the Bavarian games industry that they support. Games in Flames has been working on a concept for a mobile strategy RPG with the working title “Bavaria Ville” and the fund has decided to support the project with 40,000 EUR. The money will be used to develop a prototype through Bavarian game developer Chimera Entertainment.
Bavaria Ville will take place in the Bavarian alpine region. The player will take the role of the mayor of a small Bavarian village with the goal to develop the village to a successful tourist attraction. All buildings, products and events are inspired by the rich Bavarian culture. Be prepared for “Dirndl”, “Fensterln”, “Brezn” and your virtual visit of the Octoberfest.