Respawn – here we come

By | August 2, 2013

respawn game developer show

Games in Flames will join Respawn in Cologne 2013. We will be talking about mobile publishing and showcase best practices. If you are an indie Developer and looking to gain insights, visit us. Hendrik is joining a panel on Monday at 6 pm, just before the BBQ – so don’t miss it! Here is the topic:

License Fee, Development Budget, Royalties, Live Team Fee…all those terms become important when you try to calculate your next game development and when you start negotiating with your publisher.

But what does it actually mean? And what is best for you and your studio? Do you want your upfront flat payment as high as possible or is it more important for you to get a share from the revenues earned with your game? How much will you have to give up on the development fee if you want a higher revenue share? What is usually deducted from the revenues before a developer receives his share and what is a live team fee and why can it be interesting to agree on one?

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